February 27, 2019 News
Birthdays:  February 27, Chris Casey, Jaden Shelit, Malinda Anderson, Lacey Elmore; February 28, Kenneth Higdon, Sheila Hinman, Terry Miler; February 29, Leap Year, Mike Wiebe; March 1, Victoria Unrein; March 2, Amanda Showalter, Anita Butler, Barbara Casey, Anita Pfannenstiel, Carole Herdman, Landon Janke; March 3, Kerri Morgan, Evan Dale, Maureen George, McKaylee Day, Taylor Biesner; March 4, Connie Stewart, Dallas Schneider; March 5, Dight House, Emma Casey, Justin Herdman, Roger Baldwin, Sandra Jacobs.
Anniversaries:  March 2, Doug and Kathleen Whitis; March 3, Reggie and Brenda Irvin; March 5, Shannon and Arlene Schmidt.
The newest Independence Variant- littoral combat ship the U. S. S. Tulsa, name for Tulsa, Oklahoma, was commissioned on November 16 by the Navy in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge   It will be stationed at its home port of San Diego, California with other ships of the fleet.  For the past few weeks it was doing trials in the Gulf of Mexico  The Independence Variant team is led by Astra USA of Mobile, Alabama.  One of the sailors stationed on the ship is McCracken native, Chief Casey Brown, son of Cecelia Gilbert and Eugene Brown and brother of Sheila Brown.  The commissioning was on the internet.  Casey was one of those who spoke at the ceremony.  The U. S. S. Tulsa is a highly maneuverable lethal adaptable ship designed to support counter measures, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare missions. 
On Thursday, Eric and Kelly Marshall of St. Louis, Missouri, were in town to visit the museum to see the display of Paper Moon.  It was the first movie he ever watched and he has seen it many times since.  He works for Ascension and does business in Hays at Via Christi.  Shirley and Carolyn met with them and took their picture in the Paper Moon display.  He brought both our second McCracken history book and the American Road magazine that featured the articles about Paper Moon and Tatum O’Neill. 
Spring training is on in Florida.  The games this weekend were televised on Fox Midwest.  They said Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far in Florida.  They showed the coastline.  The ocean was full of surfers.  So……maybe the warmth will move northward and we can enjoy it also.  It will first have to melt the snow.

Two new babies:
Archer, baby son of Valree Milam and Chase Wentzell was born Wednesday, February 20, 2019, in Houston, Texas.  He weighed 8 lbs 12 ozs.  His grandparents are Mike and Stacey Milam, Houston, and great-grandparents are Al and Judy Hugh of Hays.
Joelle Fay Enslow, daughter of Hannah and Josh Enslow, Hays, was born February 21, 2019,  in Hays.  She weighed 7 lbs and 7 ozs and was 19” long.  Her grandparents are Dave and Sharla Albers.

Received a call from Bob Thompson, he is planning on coming for the rodeo and his step-son wants to come. His name is Shawn and is a fire fighter.

History Notes:

This item is taken from an article in the RCNews 25 years ago: March 4, 1993: With snow totals ranging from about 45 inches in LaCrosse; 53 inches in Bison and 50 inches in McCracken the county weather watchers are getting tired of measuring the snow. Four inches fell across the county on Monday afternoon, with some flakes reportedly “big enough to dent your car!” I remember this well, the first snow was Thanksgiving and we didn’t see the ground until April.....


McCracken grade school basketball teams played two games on the Ellis court last week. The Ellis Midgets won 20-17 and the Mc Regulars won 27-19; February 24 the Mc teams played in Wakeeney winning both games. Midgets won 48-4 and Regulars 29-19; LaCrosse grade school closed this year’s basketball season with a win and a loss against the Mc grade school, Midgets won 28-7 and LaCrosse Regulars won 30-28; today’s market..wheat $2.48 eggs .37; Enlargement of the LaCrosse high school district by the inclusion of parts of the county not in any high school district was proposed this week by Orville Young. Plans are underway to present the proposition first to Center and Union townships, which are immediately south of the LaCrosse rural school district. These areas will be asked to join the district effective the school term of 1948-1949. A new transportation law provides pupils who live two and one- half miles or further from the school will be eligible for transportation costs at the rate of five cents per mile.


Patricia Petz:

My extended trip to McPherson was cut short due to the unpredictable weather.  It not only saddened me, but my grandsons were totally disappointed.  However, before I headed home, I was able to go on Drake's third grade field trip.  We were able to catch a ride on the city trolley which then took us to the McPherson Museum.  This museum houses a variety of artifacts: historical artifacts from the McPherson area, natural history artifacts such as meteorites, Ice Age fossils, and regional fossils; ethnic artifacts from China, Africa, and of Native Americans; and fine art, including an extensive collection of Birger Sandzen lithographs and original art pieces.  In addition, there is information about the city and county namesake, General McPherson; about the first man-made diamond created in McPherson; and items from the McPherson Globe Refiners basketball team, the first team ever to win the Olympic gold medal (1936).  

After the tour of the Museum, the trolley took us to see several murals that had been painted on the outside of the buildings.  We also saw several important buildings, the colleges, parks, and statues of the city.  When we returned to Lincoln Elementary, I was able to visit Grant in the Kindergarten classroom. He was grinning from ear to ear when he saw me, as he was not expecting me. Since the storm was rapidly approaching, I left McPherson after school and headed home.

Grant's music program had been rescheduled for Thursday evening, so I decided that I just couldn't miss his first kindergarten program and headed back to McPherson.  The classes sang some very cute songs about food and nutrition and they did a very good job.  Angie and I had to laugh over the fact that I drove two hours for a fifteen minute program. 

The third grade classes were presenting their Wax Museum projects on Friday and since I spent the night, I was able to attend Drake's special presentation.  There were over forty students who had chosen a  favorite heroic person to research.  Drake chose Davy Crockett.  He head a neat looking outfit and wore a coon hat during his presentation.  All of the students had done a fantastic job as it takes a lot of research, art work, and courage to do a presentation. I was very impressed!

Since the storm was rapidly approaching, I left McPherson after school and then made a stop in Ellinwood.  I paid my respects to a very dear aunt by the name of Patricia Ann Petz.  Friday was her third heavenly birthday so I left her some flowers at her gravesite.  We used to have a lot of fun with our names being the same!  By the time that I reached home, the fog was very heavy and the snow was coming down pretty heavy.

I had plans for Saturday and Sunday, but they unfortunately were cancelled because of the storms. I am so ready for this cold and snowy weather to be over and for spring to be here!

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