February 14, 2018 News

Birthdays: February 14, Kathleen Stremel Thomas; February 15, Jana Herdman; February 16, Adelaide Mills, Sheila Desbien, Katherine Casey, Alex Casey, Clayton Sewell, Charmaine Wolfe; February 17, Tom Rues, Abigail North; February 18, Carl Legleiter; February 19, Greg Buster, James Slemp, John Horesky; February 20, Dustin Albright, Laura Morgan; February 21, Kirk Herdman.

Anniversaries: February 14, Dave and Carolyn Davenport; February 16, Bruce and Ellen Kershner; February 18, LeRoy and Jean Herdman; February 20, William and Theresa Greenway.


The February 25 Bleeding Kansas program is entitled, “The Wyandots, Quindaro, and Other Immigrant Tribes of Bleeding and Civil War Kansas” by Holly Zane, J.D. and Kristen Zane, PE, siblings and enrolled members of Wyandot Nation of Kansas, Bear Clan, historians, educators, living historians and forgotten crafts demonstrators. 2:00 p.m. at Historic Lecompton, Kansas.

It was nice to see Ben Rogers at Hays. He works for Ford.

Jail/Museum News.
Marilyn Sommers brought us a box of hard binders for use at the museum.

Charles and Shari Pollard, Monrovia, California, sent a memorial for John B. Ryan (1838-1929). He is Charles' great- grandfather. Charles is a consistent supporter of the museum. Jeff and Anita Butler, McCracken, have renewed their 2018-19 membership.


Hope to see you all next Saturday  February 17, for  “Death by Chocolate” at the McCracken City Building  at 6:00 a.m. Spaghetti will be served before the chocolate.  This is a fund raiser for McCracken Public Library.  Raffle tickets are available for a spa basket.

I was visiting with a couple in Hays that deliver foster kids around the state. He was a DeKalb dealer and attended many meetings with G.T.Barnes. They live at Cedar which is much smaller (47) than McCracken. They also travel extensively. This summer they will go to the Arctic Ocean. They have been to the west point in Canada and to the east point in Newfoundland. They put 100,000 miles on their car each year. He is 85 and she 79.

Because of conflicts with the prior date, the MCC Annual Golf Meeting at the Legion/Clubhouse has been rescheduled to Saturday, Feb. 17th at 1 PM. Bring your clubs. It is supposed to be nice!

Owen Keener celebrated his 7th birthday Saturday with 2 classmates as overnight guests. They enjoyed playing, sliding down the stairs, (eating as boys do), giggling until 12:45. Saturday morning they enjoyed Story Hour at the Library as well as eating cupcakes and ice cream before heading home. Following that the family had a get-to-together to celebrate although the turn out won’t be as big as usual due to illness, but it was still great fun.!!

We have had very cold weather, ready for warm and much needed moisture.

History Notes: 1958

MHS graduates: Gary Walker, Joyce Showalter, Peggy Harper, Karen Walker, Alberta Anderson, James Hanson, Norman Pfannenstiel, Patricia Graf, Furlen Irvin, Donna Knight, Arlene Wilson, Marlene Wilson, Alouise Gerritzen and Perry J. Irvin; Gladys Green will teach in the grade school and will stay at the home of Mrs. Martha Shaefer; Juanita Walker and Ed Caviness were married Sunday at the UMChurch in McCracken; Beginners this year in grade school are Kent Bible, James Conrad, Robert Foster, Robert Wm. Grumbein, Raelene Mehler, Floyd Norlin, Laura Ann North, Glenn Pfaff, Bruce Peck, James Rein, Donna Rogers, Jerry Schutte, Carolyn Stremel and Bill North; Mr. and Mrs. George Gerritzen moved to their home in McCracken; Furlen Irvin has enlisted in the Air Force and is stationed in San Antonio; born to Mr. and Mrs. Dean McFarren a daughter on October 8 in LaCrosse; Allen Thompson received his discharge from the Army; Floyd Thompson has been initiated into Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Fraternity for scholastic achievement; born to Donald and Betty Greenway a daughter Octoer 23 at LaCrosse; born to Vic and Shirley Higgins a son Charles (Chuck) Robert November 9; Wendell and Gladys Hinman will move to Albert where he is employed by Natural Gas Pipeline Co.


Patricia Petz:

This past week has certainly been very cold.  It would have been extra nice just to hibernate in my house, but there were so many things that needed to be taken care of.  I had to get up early Monday morning and head to La Crosse as there was a mass being said for Danny at St. Michael's Church.  That afternoon was spent visiting with mom and then that evening the "Rosary Makers" met at Sub and Sodas for supper before we went to the Parish Center to make more rosaries.  I love to watch movies, so in the evenings I usually find several good movies to watch and make rosaries.  I surprised myself when I counted and boxed up the rosaries that I had made for December and January.  I had made a total of 300 rosaries.  Father will have to give a lot of blessings for these before they are sent out!

I was called in to help out at the High School on Tuesday morning.  After school was over, mom and I headed for Hays to do some shopping at the Mall.  We hadn't eaten at "Imperial Garden" for awhile so we decided that that would be a nice place to eat supper.  Then we headed to the Beach-Schmidt Auditorium to watch the "Dance Theatre from Harlem".  This 16-member, multi-ethnic company performs dances that include classical and neoclassical works as well as innovative and bold new forms of artistic expression commissioned to connect to contemporary audiences.  Although we were sure that the dancers were very talented, mom and I decided that this style of dancing was not our favorite.  During the intermission, I ran into Michael and Joyce Jilg, former residents of McCracken.  Mike and Joyce are both teachers at FHSU and live in Hays.  I was also able to visit with Kathy Satomi, a former teacher of La Crosse High.  It's always nice to run into friends that you haven't seen for awhile.  

February 7, will always be etched in my mind, as that was the day that Dan was called to leave his place here on Earth and spend the rest of his time in Heaven, where I am sure that he was greeted by many of his family members and friends.  These last four years have past by so quickly.  I was surprised at school with a beautiful vase of roses from my daughter, Angie and her loving family. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I subbed at the Elementary building.  It's always fun to sub at the elementary because you always receive so many high fives and hugs, which really make your day!  That evening, mom and I attended the basketball games at the La Crosse High School.  They played tough, but were not able to defeat Central Plains.  It was so nice to have half time entertainment by the mini cheerleaders who had been coached by the High School cheerleaders.  They did a very nice job.  It was also very nice to be able to eat a nice meal that was prepared by the Christian Church.  

I tried to catch up on some sleep Saturday morning and then pretty much became a couch potato the rest of the day. I made some homemade potato and dumpling soup and a vanilla bean bundt cake that I shared with my mom and mother-in-law, Dolores. 

Sunday morning was spent going to church at St. Michael's and then mom and I went to Tracy's for lunch.  It was turning into a very nice day.  I hear that next week should be pretty warm, so that sounds great to me.  Have a nice week everyone!

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