January 31, 2018

Birthdays: January 31, Debbie Oelkers, Todd Frazier; February 1, Joshua Moran, Justin Georg, Mason Brackney, Karen Norlin Simmerman; February 2, Neal Jacobs, Patty Miller, Doug Elias, Michael Showalter, Donny Anderson (Shane's); February 3, Don Irvin, Elaine Albright; February 4, Darian Rogers, Everett Legleiter; February 5, Haily Rogers, Rhonda Allen, Austin Pfannenstiel; February 6, Reba Baker.

Anniversary; February 4, Josh and Carly Collazo

The Sunday February 11, Bleeding Kansas program in Lecompton, Kansas, will be “Marching Home, Union Veterans and their Unending Civil War” by Brian Matthew Jordan, professor, Sam Houston State University, Department of History, author of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History book “Marching Home, Union Veterans their Unending Civil War”. Book signing follows presentation.

There is a book entitled “Early Day in Kansas by Bliss Isely first printed in 1927 by the Kansas State Teachers Association. It contains stories of those in Kansas from the Indians to the settlers. One story is how they built the sod houses. First they turned over the grass with a plow. Then took the pieces of sod, laying one piece on top of another, just as a mason lays one brick on another. The roots of prairie grass held the pieces of sod together. The roof was made of grass, but some sod houses had board roofs. The floor of the sod house was the ground. The thick walls keep out the wind in winter and in summer kept out the heat of the sun.

Happy Kansas Day 157 years, January 29.

GOLFERS! We will have our annual meeting for the 2018 MCC season on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18th at 1 pm at the MCC/Legion Clubhouse. Please plan to attend if you have ideas or input. We will go over our finances, election of officers, our planned purchases, 2018 tournament schedule, work days scheduling improvements, dues, cart storage rental and any other issues that may come up. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks! Les Diehl 785-230-4433

Saturday Jerry Higgins was refereeing in Cunningham, Carolyn Oller was in the nursing home there recuperating from a fall, when he called I ask him to go visit if he had time, he did and Carolyn was so pleased. She e-mailed and said he was a ‘handsome dude, great manners and charisma’.

My daughter Tammy arrived at my home Sunday with suitcase, old paint clothes, her brushes and cans of paint. She is painting my living room after ???? years. Bless her.

My sympathy to the family of Bob Fear. I will miss him. We have lost so many friends this year.

Congratulations to Lyslee Wilson, 1st grader in Wakeeney. She place 2nd in coloring a page of the Voda Elevator.

History Notes: 1958

Rev. Howard Marshall, pastor of the Assembly of God Church, will be the speaker at Baccalaureate services for MHS, at the Assembly of God Church Sunday evening. Leonore Willis will play the processional, Rev. Elmer L. Robinson, pastor of the Methodist Church will pronounce the invocation. The girl’s glee club will sing and Rev. W.G. Knight, pastor of the EUB Church will conclude the program. G.W. Tomanek will be the speaker at commencement; Jim Jones is serving with the Navy aboard the USSS Alamo; Carolyn Leila Oller married Danny D. Dibble at the First Methodist Church in Hays; two feed stacks amounting to 50 tons burned at Wilfrid Higgins farm Sunday; Guy B. VanWinkle, age 56, President of the Citizens State Bank, died Tuesday; he atarted woreking there at age 17; born to Al and Arlene Rues, a son, June 3 at LaCrosse; Diana Walker and Kellye Hart were married June 14 at the First Christian Church in LaCrosse.; the popularity of Cedar Bluff Lake as a top recreation area is becoming more evident as 1,388 boats have been registered this year, forty two cabins are in use and under construction.


Patricia Petz:

The temperature was really not to my liking this week, especially on Monday.  Many surrounding schools were cancelled and the weather was windy, snowy, and icy.  I know that we definitely need the moisture, but I simply HATE cold weather.
The roads were all cleared off by Tuesday, so I was able to sub at the High School.  After school mom and I attended the basketball games.  LHS played against Ellinwood and we had a nice time cheering on our teams. 

I subbed again on Thursday at LHS and afterwards I went to my mom's house where family members were celebrating the birthday of Maynard Steitz, (mom's brother-in-law).  Those in attendance were my mom, Mary Steitz, Bob and Linda Stone, from Topeka, and Vicky Anderson from Great Bend.  

I subbed at the elementary building on Friday and had a very nice day.  After school, I picked up mom and we headed to McPherson to spend the weekend with Angie and the boys.  There was no sleeping in on Saturday morning as Drake had his last YMCA basketball game of the season at 8:30.  He had an awesome game and the boys all received some very nice medals.  Since it was so cold Saturday, we decided to stay in the house and have some fun.  I bought Valentine cards for the boys and we spent most of the afternoon writing their classmates names on each of them.  For supper, mom made a double batch of her delicious potato and dumplings.  They all got eaten except for one small bowl and then that evening we rented some movies and enjoyed watching them.  

Sunday morning was busy as mom and I attended two different services.  Our first service was at St. Joseph's Catholic Church and the second service was at the Countryside Covenant Church.  We were excited to see Linda North, her daughter Trisha, and her son Adam and his wife.  After the service we had a delicious lunch at the Golden Dragon and then headed back to Angie's house.  Grant loves to cook, so we made a batch of brownies before mom and I left.  We had a fun-filled week-end.

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