January 25, 2016 News

Birthdays: January 25, Dana Irvin, Marlene Funk, Arlene Gilbert, Tom McCormick, Paulette Harp, William Rues; January 26, Teresa Wetzel, Jerilyn Stull, Nicholas Moran, Breonna North; January 27, Brycee Strickland, Martin Higgins; January 28 Chad Herdman; January 29, Stacy Betz, Benjamin Swanson, Robert B. Thompson, Fritz Foster, Eugene North; January 30, Ian Stevens; January 31, Debbie Oelkers, Todd Frazier.

Anniversary: January 28, Al and Judy Hugh.

Joey and Cindy Higgins have donated a Citizen State Bank money bag found on E-bay and donated it to the Jail/Museum.

Due to the ice storm many tree limbs were down around town. Volunteers spent Saturday gathering limbs, using chain saws and hauling limbs to the burn pit. We understand that some complained of sore muscles and enjoyed a nice hot bath after completing the jobs.

It was nice to see George Hunter and Austin McGaughey touring around town seeing the progress of the efforts of citizens to clean up the town. George said he had never seen the town look better. Austin is recuperating from his knee surgery and is in physical therapy.

Many took advantage of the ham dinner served at the Community Building in the evening. Arline Rues was able to get out to enjoy the dinner due to the warmer weather. Her granddaughter, Catherine, is now staying with Arline. There were also some hunters in town who enjoyed the meal.

Much to the happiness of Kathy Casey and other K-Staters, the KSU men's basketball team beat West Virginia on Saturday night. This gives points by beating a ranked team.

McCracken Main Street Literary Society has begun their book club again after Christmas break. Come join us on Tuesdays at 7:00 at McCracken Public Library. Callie Weber is leading the group.

Sunday, January 29 at 2:00 p.m. at Lecompton they will hold the first of the Bleeding Kansas Program 2017.  It is entitled “Kansas on Appeal:  Highlights from 156 years of Sunflower State Advocacy in the Supreme Court of the United States” by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, with remarks by Kansas State Archivist Matt Veatch.  There will be a total of six programs.  We will bring each of them to you.  Tim Rues would love to see some McCrackenites attend.

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