January 23, 2019 News

Birthdays: January 23, Jessica Shapiro; January 24, Paula North, Carolyn Oller, Father Matthew Kumi; January 25, Dana Irvin, Marlene Funk, Arlene Gilbert, William Rues,Tommy McCormick, Paulette Harp; January 26, Teresa Wetzel, Jerilyn Stull, Nicholas Moran, Breonna North; January 27, Bryce Strickland, Martin Higgins; January 28, Chad Herdman; January 29, Stacy Betz, Benjamin Swanson, Robert B. Thompson, Fritz Foster, Eunice North.

Anniversaries: January 24, Neal and Amy Jacobs; January 28, Al and Judy Hugh.

Bleeding Kansas Program is scheduled on Sunday February 3 entitled “Stop the Presses! Late-Breaking News from Bleeding Kansas” by Lix Leech, former journalist and adjunct instructor at Northwestern University and the University of Kansas and Bill Noll, professional land surveyor and director of Jefferson County Kansas Public Works Department. It will be held at Constitution Hall State Historic Site in Lecompton at 2 p.m.

A generous donation has been sent to the Jail/Museum by Chuck and Shari Pollard of Monrovia, California. It is in memory of his grandfather George A. Ryan (1872-1948). He is a faithful reader of the news on the Alumni Site.

My cousin gave me the book “Hidden History of Kansas” by Adrian Zink. Adrian was born and raised in Larned. He works at the National Archives in Kansas City. The genesis of the book came while he was working as administrator of a rural Kansas Historical Society historic site at the Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site in Pleasanton, roughly an hour south of Kansas City. He also administered the Marais des Cygnes State Historic Site where he had extra time to delve into historic stories of the State. The book is divided into sections, one being Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War. There is one on Wild West, Custer, Wyatt Earp, Donner Party, Skeletons and The Russian Grand Duke Alexie Romanov. The sports section tells about the Kansas Horse who became the Kentucky Derby Winner, Lawrin in 1938 The jockey was famous Eddie Arcaro. Pick up a copy.

The McCracken Public Library is lovin' February! Saturday, February 9th will be a full day. Kids, join us at 10:00 for our Valentine's Story Time. That evening we will be hosting our annual Death by Chocolate spaghetti dinner in the community building. Come hungry and bring that chocolate craving! What more could you ask for? Pasta AND chocolate, some of which will be sugar-free.

Not much news when you don’t get out of your house for a week.......

Jerry officiated at the Winter Jam basketball tournament in Hoisington Saturday evening. The Otis-Bison girls were defeated by the Pratt girls, the Hoisington boys were defeated by Victoria boys in an overtime. Congratulations to the winners.

I looked up some ‘stuff’ on my computer before the Chiefs-Patriots game Sunday evening. Tyrek Hill played for Garden Juco, I didn’t catch the year, and there were two road signs around Topeka that said, “You’re Not Tyrek Hill – Slow Down – Go Slow” Go Chiefs. I was very disappointed the Chiefs did not win. Patrick Mahomes is a ‘class act’ quarterback.

History Notes:

1968 Born to Arlyn and Jan North a daughter, Laura Leigh, August 23 in Hays; first graders for McCracken Billy Augustine, Tammy Higgins, Loretta Augustine, Laura Unrein, Dale Elias, Norma Elmore, Kathy Rues and Kathleen Moran; Kay Lamer has enrolled at the University of Wisconsin for her Master’s Degree; a son, Trenton Aaron was born to Harold and Janet Herdman September 10 in Hays; A tractor burned causing minor injuries to Jay Pfeiffer southeast of town; homecoming for MHS was held Friday October 18; candidates for football queen are Patricia Foos, Kathy Huddleston and Debra Schuckman, escorts are Donnie Schuckman, Doug Whitis and Lance Morgan; Tammy Higgins is flower girl, Dale Elias, crown bearer; Rich Higgins and Doug Whitis led the Mustangs to their first victory over Healy with a 66-0 win; Susan Walker is student teaching in the second grade in Hays; Diane Schaffer and Mike Peters were married Saturday in Liebenthal; Dennis Irvin is a member of the college choir at Bethany College in Lindsborg; Brownie Scout members are Kerri Derr, Cecilia Augustine, Lisa Schuckman, Ellen Davis and Hope Johnson. Janie Rogers is the leader and Roxann Rogers is the assistant; born to ‘Bet’ and Mary McCormick a son, Lance Jay, November 20 at Ransom

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