January 17, 2018 News

Birthdays: January 17, Helena McGaughey, Susie Parsons, Shirley Harp, Kelly Harp; January 19, Kellan Wiebe; January 20, Stacey Steinert, Lee Oelkers; January 21, Don Schuckman; January 22, Marty Mills, Jake Tomlinson; January 23, Jessica Shapiro.

No anniversaries:

The Bleeding Kansas Program Series 2018 will be held at Constitution Hall State Historic Site in Lecompton, Kansas each Sunday at 2:00 p.m. beginning January 28 and ending March 4. The suggested donated is $3.00 for adults. Tim Rues, is assigned to Constitution Hall by The State Historical Society. The January 28 program is “Saving Constitution Hall” by preservation architect Dan Rockhill, United States Representative Lynn Jenkins and former State Senator Winton A. Winter, Jr. Each program will be listed in our column.

A chicken/noodle soup supper will be held Saturday, January 20 from 5 until 8 p.m. at McCracken Community Building to benefit Bob and Charmaine Wolfe. A free will offering is suggested. The proceeds will help the Wolfes to refurbish their home on West Locust. Their current home was destroyed by fire on January 1. St. Michael's Church in LaCrosse has postponed their soup supper so that those wishing to support the Wolfes may attend the one in McCracken.

Janet Dennis, Carolyn Thompson and Susan Keith attended the Passing of the Gavel reception for Commissioner David Dennis, the new Chair of the Board of the Sedgwick County Commissioners on Wednesday, January 10 at the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

Congratulations to Ryan and Maureen Wiebe of Kansas City on the birth of a daughter, Rosalie Agnes, born January 7, 2018.

Doug and Mary Higgins, Lyons; Jeremy, Ashley, Carter and Reese, Olathe; Danielle Higgins, Dezmond, Devon and Dyceon, Wichita were Sunday dinner guests of Hoop and Twila Higgins.

Check out all the new selection of books at the McCracken Library. The rotating book van was here and there's children's picture books, books for adults and young adults as well as books on tape for those of you that drive a lot.

You may buy fresh eggs Wednesday evening from 6 – 7 p.m. or until they are gone from Clay North located on Main Street.

Linda Kenyon’s 100 years ago article in last week’s RCNews, January 10, 1918 about the murder of Perry Yawger happened at the farm where I grew up, 3 miles east of McCracken. His wife, Mrs. Yawger was my great-aunt, Lulu Lovitt, daughter of Rev. John Lovitt and sister of granddad Wm. Lovitt. Mr. Kelly put her in the downstairs clothes closet where she was kept until she was released.

The Hoisington Winter Jam basketball tournament was postponed Monday due to bitter cold weather, snow and icy road conditions.

Kayla and Dominic Weskamp have adopted a black puppy from a shelter in Springfield. Looks like a little black Lab.

History Notes 1958:

Bob Fear and Margaret Martinez were married in Canon City, Colorado on Saturday; King Mason, new linesman for the Farmers Telephone Company moved his family here into the Alex Graff property; Rodney Milling Company elevator was destroyed by fire of unknown origin. The elevator had not been in use for several years; the band mothers have plates for sale with the pictures of the old McCracken High School. They are on display in the window of the City Café; Fly-up Troop No. 3 elected officers: Peggy Janke, Janis Eisenhour, Jametta Peters and Kathy Casey; Charles Hair died of a heart attack February 2 while hunting coyotes in a field a mile north of Bazine; A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Sloan, Gail Lynn, January 28, at Fountain, Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan have a new daughter, Nancy Marie born February 3, at LaCrosse; underdog MHS basketball team upset Otis 80-72 on Friday. Peters, Irvin, Showalter and Walker each scored in double figures; MGS defeated LaCrosse 30-24 on Thursday, Grumbein led McCracken with 20; Mr. and Mrs. John Walker are leaving for Hartman, Colorado where Mr. Walker will farm; Students of MHS have moved into their new high school building this week. MHS one act play received a 1 rating at the district speech festival. Members of the cast are Arlene and Marlene Wilson, Karen Walker, Joyce Showalter, Donna Knight and Peggy Harper; the grade school basketball team was 1958 runners-up at LaCrosse Saturday night.

Patricia Petz:

Have you ever felt that you were stepping into a world of words that you didn't quite understand?  Well, that's the way that I felt on Friday when I subbed in the English Department at the High School.  If I had ever read the play "Romeo and Juliet"  in High School, I had completely forgotten about how the wording is so much different than our present day language.  The play "Romeo and Juliet" was set in Verona, Italy, and it was about a tragedy between two young lovers whose deaths ultimately reconciled two feuding families. This play was written by William Shakespeare between 1591 and 1595.  Even though the wording was unfamiliar and challenging to me.  I sincerely had a great day with the play and the students who read their parts. 

Do you enjoy eating those good old fashioned German meals that your mom made when you were little?  Friday evening, mom invited De.Wayne and Vicky Foos and me over for supper.  She made some delicious battered fish and that good ole German dish of macaroni and scrambled eggs.  Yummy!  

Saturday, I had decided to step outside my box and participate in the Cheerleaders' fund-raiser at  the La Crosse High School.  Everyone had a fun day at the "Cheer Up and Paint" party.  The room was filled with men and women who enjoyed painting a cardinal in a winder scene.  I had never painted before and I really went to help out the cheerleaders, thinking that I would probably have to put my painting in the trash, but to my surprise and with the help of a few others, I was pleasantly surprised with the way my painting turned out.  I definitely would be up to another class.  Thanks LMS/LHS cheerleaders!  Saturday evening, mom and I enjoyed a pizza together.

After mass on Sunday, mom and I ate at Tracy's and then I decided to visit my mother in law, Dolores Petz.  However, when I entered her home, I heard this voice saying,  "Do not come in, I have the flu."  I only stayed for a bit.  I'm hoping that this cold air and snow will rid our area of this nasty virus and get everyone healthy again!  Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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