January 16, 2019 News

Birthdays: January 16, Debbie Anderson, Bryce Conner, Kaden Foust, Zaddock Albers; January 19, Helena McGaughey, Susie Parsons, Shirley Harp, Kelly Harp; January 18, none; January 19, Kellan Wiebe; January 20, Stacey Steinert, Lee Oelkers; January 21, Don Schuckman; January 22, Marty Mills, Jake Tomlinson.

No anniversaries.

Christmas news from Allan and Sandi Miller. Allan was the author of Yankee on the Prairie. (Copies of Yankee on the Prairie are still available at the Rush County Museum, Barnard Library and the McCracken Jail/Museum). Allan was both a professor at Fort Hays State University and the University of Kansas. They enjoy sailing and cultural events such as a Joshua Bell concert, the revival of the Spamalot musical and KU Vespers. They attend Plymouth Church. Sandi is an officer in her PEO organization and Allan is on the advisory position at the University Heights Neighborhood Association. He quotes Laura Boyce as a philosophy, “As a Quaker, I believe there is that of the divine in all of us”.

The Bleeding Kanas Series for 2019 begins on January 27: It is entitled “Kansas Day” by United States Representative Steve Walkins and Jim Ogle, Executive Director, Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area. We will put in the program a week early for all the events. They run through March 3. They are held at Constitution Hall in Lecompton at 2 p.m. on Sundays. Suggested donation is $3.00 for adults. Tim Rues is in charge of Constitution Hall. The series of talks and dramatic interpretations on the violent territorial and civil war of Kansas and the nation from 1854-1865 are the basis for the Series.

Nearly 600 graduates received degrees from Emporia State University this past December. Among them was Mason Mykial Weber of Ness City. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology with an emphasis on pre-physical therapy. She is the daughter of Mike and Kelly Weber of Ness City and granddaughter to Bob and Marlene Funk of WaKeeney..

We received heavy wet snow on Friday. The roads became packed quickly, the snow came straight down. It is Sunday and the snow still clings to the trees loading them down. The birds love coming to the bird feeder including a pair of Cardinals. The snow plow just went by. Our thanks to the plow operator.

I got to watch EWTN for mass this morning. It was the Baptism of Christ mass; it was held in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. There were twenty seven babies being baptized by Pope Francis. It was truly an uplifting service. The parents all work at the Vatican. In 2012 Verlene, Treva, Janet and I went on a pilgrimage and we got to see the Sistine Chapel. There are frescoes all over the walls and ceiling. One shows the Baptism of Christ and another the last supper. They were all done by Michelangelo.

My brother David was in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday for the Commissioning of the Wichita, a 350 foot ship added to the Navy fleet. He spoke at the banquet on Friday evening. He represented the Sedgwick County Commission. Others speakers at the event were Senator Jerry Moran, Mayor Jeff Longwell, Representative Ron Estes, Governor Jeff Collier.

Hey kids, if you are in 2nd to 5th grades join us at the library for a new book club! It will be Wednesday evenings 6-7:00pm starting January 30th thru March 13th. Look forward to seeing you

Christmas Eve guests at our house were Holly, Brett, Courtney, and Erica Gilbert, Kade Hagans, Haily, Brandt and Calum (our new entertainment center) Rogers. Christmas Day guests for lunch were Holly, Brett, Courtney, and Erica Gilbert, Kade Hagans, Haily, Brandt and Calum Rogers, Marlene, Bob, and Shari Funk, and Anita Butler. Jeff Butler, Kelly, and Mike Weber were home nursing ''bugs'. Our lunch was truly a feast as Haily baked a ham, Holly, a turkey, and Brett a prime rib. Plus too many side dishes to list. Cinnamon rolls were a special treat baked by Jeff from Mom's (aka 'Tot') recipe. Thanks Jeff for sending them with Anita. From our family to yours: Happy New Year!!!! Another wedding (Mason & Dakota) and another baby to celebrate in 2019.. Congratulations to Spencer and Whitney White who are expecting an addition to their family in July..Best Wishes to all...

Addie Kershner is in Tampa, Florida, practicing rowing with her team mates. GO GIRL!!! Envy you with all the snow on the ground in Rush County.

January 27, it will take a 55 cent stamp to mail a letter.

A retirement party was held in the Ellsworth Courthouse Monday for Albert Oller who will be retiring from his Commissioner job. Congrats.

1969 History Notes:

Rita Moran left for San Francisco after spending the holidays with her mother, Rosa and sister Mary Ann Moran; USD announces attendance center changes for the 1969-1970 school year. Combination of grade schools is to combine Alexander, McCracken and Rush Center’s 1st and 2nd graders; on the West; Rush Center, LaCrosse and Liebenthal on the East; 3rd and 4th graders from Alexander and McCracken will be at McCracken; 5th and 6th graders from Alexander and McCracken will be at Alexander; 7th and 8th graders will be at McCracken; Alexander students will have a choice to attend either LaCrosse or McCracken High School, even though they graduate from McCracken Grade School; Furlen Irvin and family have moved to their new home in Irvin, TX; school enrollment at MHS is 78, grade school 103; members of MHS football team are Tom Tomlinson, Doug Whitis, Kirby Wendler, Lance Morgan, Bill Wetzel, Dave Halbleib, Donnie Schuckman, Rich Higgins, Russell Peters, Keith Higgins, Greg Buster, DeWayne Foos, Mike Legleiter, Rodney Taylor, Stacy McMullen, Jerry Schutte, Bob Foster, Steve Sloan, Dave Rogers, Kenny and Frank Foster, Charles Halbleib and Vic Parsons. Kindergarten students: Pat Bott, teacher, Kevin Rourke, Kerri Seltman, Jeff McCormick, Wade Hinman, Kristi Hallett, Troy Zinn, Shelly Jackson, Grinda Stout, Jeff Liggett, Laura Casey, Steven Crowell, Charles Karst, Bradley Wright, Randy Conrad and Marla Schlegel.


Patricia Petz:

I helped out at the schools several times during this past week.  Tuesday and Wednesday I worked with students at the La Crosse Elementary building and Friday I helped at the High School.  I experienced working with a group of "CAMP" members at the High School on Friday.  Since they were having their Snowball this week, a scavenger hunt was planned for the different CAMP groups.  This was a really fun activity that had all of the students participating and enjoying the suspense of finding the various items on the list.  

The cheerleaders had the Elementary, Middle School, and High School on their toes as they had a Pep Rally the last half hour of the day on Friday. Many games and cheers were used to get the teams prepared for their games that evening.  

Since it was their "Snowball," I was really wanting to stay for the games, however, my daughter was wanting mom and I to come to McPherson for the weekend to watch Drake, as he was suppose to play in a  basketball tournament on Saturday in Salina.  The weather wasn't looking to favorable, so I decided to leave right after school.  We ran into rain all of the way until we reached McPherson and then it began to snow.  And an hour later, because of the severity of the snow, the tournament was cancelled.  

Saturday, mom and I had fun watching the boys play in the snow.  I'm not much of a "cold weather" person, so this grandma stayed inside to watch the fun and laughter.  After lunch, mom and I decided to see if we could make it back home. Thankfully, the roads weren't that bad and we made it back to LaCrosse safely.  I had planned on going home, however my son said that the back roads weren't very good and it might be better if I waited until Sunday, so I stayed overnight with mom.

After church Sunday morning, many parishioners helped with taking down the Christmas decorations.  Everything was quickly taken down and stored until the next Christmas season.  Mom and I went to JCT 4 for lunch and had some delicious fried chicken.  Once again, I decided to see if I could make it home by taken the highway to Antonino.and over to my farm.  There were some bad spots, but overall, everything went well and it was nice to be back home.

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