January 4, 2017 News

Birthdays: January 4, Lisa Day, Debi Schuckman, Myron Schuckman; January 5, Darwin Herdman, Clayton Wilson, Deb Gaunt; January 6, Father Ultan Murphy, Cheryl Lamer, Judy Hugh; January 7, Craig Higgins, Richard Mills; January 8, Randy Taylor, Stuart Clancy, Jeffrey Anderson; January 9, Jason Casey, Clinton Kershner, Robert David Bisagno; January 10, Rachel Grumbein, Eugene Brown, Linda North, Terry Showalter, Angie Tomlinson, Brad Pfannenstiel. No Anniversaries.

Congratulations to Father Ultan Murphy on his 90th birthday. Please send him a greeting at P. O. Box 128, Olmitz, KS 67564 The lucky of the Irish on him!

Bob and Marlene Funk hosted their whole family on December 23 for Christmas. Bob's nieces arrived on December 24 and stayed a week with them.

Mike and Susan Keith and Carolyn Thompson attended the KSU-Texas A & M Bowl game at Houston NRG Stadium on Wednesday, December 28. They enjoyed the Wildcat Marching Band and the football win. Shannon was a member of the band. There was a pep rally at the Soccer Stadium on Tuesday. They also traveled to Galveston.

New Year's Eve the members and friends of St. Mary's Catholic Church had mass officiated by Father Matthew Kumi. Roy Conrad was server, Michele Moran led the music, Twila Higgins prepared for the mass, Carolyn Thompson was lector, Don Bergquist and Jason Moran took up the collection and Don and DeAnna Bergquist brought up the gifts. We thank those who attended. The interior of the church was beautifully decorated and the crib scene which has been in our church for as long as the older parishioners remember, reminded us of the birth of the baby Jesus.

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