Alvina Family Home

Good Morning.
I made a visit to McCracker in May, about which you can read in the local website news of May 9.  (Russ and Andie Rymill, Enumclaw, Washington, were Saturday visitors to the Jail/Museum and McCracken Public Library. They were looking for Hastings family information……)  What I found on that visit was a delightful group of women associated with the museum, who were quite amazing, and so very willing to look for information.  
Although I am unable to truly connect with the Hastings history in McCracken, I can confirm relationships with the Seiling family.  Alvina Louise Seiling, a McCracken alumni of 1923, was my paternal grandmother, her father being Frederick who is buried in a family plot within your local cemetery.  Alvina gave birth to my father, Loren Wilbur Hastings (fathered by Francis Marion Hastings), in McCracken, before moving to Washington state. 
Now that I've lined that out, let me share with you this picture.  I am in possession of this gem, albeit in a storage unit as we travel the US.  I've laid eye upon the picture and this frame all my life, as it once hung in my grandmother's home.  I recall Alvina saying it was her family home in McCracken.  It may be a bit difficult to view, and I apologize for that; it never crossed my mind that I'd use this snap for anything other than inventory!  I am most curious to see if the home in the picture is of a location that could be confirmed as McCracken. 

Perhaps you would consider posting this on the gallery page to ask if someone can do just that?
Thank you, kindly, for any effort.
Andie Rymill


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