The Evangelical United Brethren Church was established in 1887. Reverend Wagner began preaching in McCracken in connection with LaCrosse and other appointments. In 1889 the church was organized under the pastorate of Reverend Summer. The first church building was put up in 1893 under the pastorate and direction of Reverend Herrick at a cost of $3,200. The brick church building was erected in 1917 when Kyle Murray was pastor and dedicated in 1918 by Bishop Cyrun J. Kephart. When it was
completed it was valued at $30,000. Several charter members of the McCracken church were Mrs. F. P. Starrett, Mrs. E. S. Chenoweth, Mrs. H. L. Browne, Miss Mollie Snodgrass, Mrs. James Mathews and Mr. and Mrs. George Stauffer.

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